Move 2 Voice Call Center Service

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                    Reviewing Customer Responses

                  Using Telephone

                     1. At your convenient time, you can call Move 2 Voice Call Center.

                     2. When you are asked for the Call Center Extension, please enter your Call Center  

                         Extension followed by *(star).

                     3. M2V Call Center will ask you for your password. After validating your password, it  

                         will present you with the various options to review your responses. 

                     Using Personal Computer 

                     1.      All the responses will be dispatched to server accessible over Internet at regular


                     2.   To Access the responses or information from your Customers on your PC, you need  

                           to install Voice Port Software (available Free of Charge)

                     3.   To use Voice Port Software you will received the access details by e-mail.