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                       Installing Voice Port Software

                   1. If you have downloaded VoicePortInstall.exe from www.move2voice.com, in say

                             C:\download folder on your PC. Select this folder using Windows Explorer.

                       2. Then double click on VoicePortInstall.exe. You will see the following dialog  box on your screen.








                   3. Please click in the Extract to edit Box and change the Extract to folder to C:\ as shown below.








                   4. Confirm your folder selection by clicking on Start Button. After all files are extracted,

                             you should get a message box as shown below.




                        5. Now select C:\Move2Voice\VoicePortInstall folder using Windows Explorer.

                         6. Then double click on Install.bat.

                            You will get into installation Screen for VoicePort with a dialog as follows.











                        Please follow the instruction which appear on the screen to complete the installation.

                        7. Please click here to Get Started with Voice Port.