Move 2 Voice Call Center Service

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                     Hosting a Call Center

                 Step 1      Deciding Call Volume

                                        On an average how many calls do you get from your Customers?


Calls per Day Calls per Month

Minutes per Month needed



3 100 500 A


7 200 1000 B
C 13 400 2000 C
D 20 600 3000 D
E 27 800 4000 E
F 33 1000 5000 F
Customized more than 33

more than 1000

Calls per Day * 150


                Step 2      Deciding Call Center Flow

                                     For example,        

                                      Real Estate Agency  would expect  the following responses:

Sequence Response Expected Response Type of Input Comments
1 Type of Real Estate Commercial / Residential By Choice  
2 Preferred Mode Rent / Buy By Choice  
3 Floor Area in Sq.ft. 3 to 4 Digits Digits  
4 Location 20 Seconds Recording Allow Rerecord/Continue
5 Contact Number 7 to 10 Digits Digits  
6 Contact Person 10 Seconds Recording  

                                     Real Estate Agency would prefer the following queries:

Sequence Response Queries
  Welcome Prompt You have reached Real Estate Agency Name.
1 Type of Real Estate Are you looking for Commercial or Residential?

For Commercial enter 1, For Residential enter 2

2 Preferred Mode Do you want to Buy or Rent?

To Rent enter 1, To Buy enter 2

3 Floor Area in Sq.ft. How much Area are your looking for?
4 Location Please record the kind of location you would like to have.
5 Contact Number Please enter your landline or mobile contact.
6 Contact Person Please record your name.
  Thank You Prompt Thanks for Visiting Real Estate Agency Name.

                  Step 3      Preparing for Call Center

                             Please fill up the details from Step 2 in CCS-1 Form (Click Here to download)

                          and E-mail the duly filled form to

                          Once we receive the CCS-1 Form which help us understand details of your Call Center

                          needs, we will prepare and host your Call Center. It certainly depends on the complexity of

                          the Call Center needs but typically it would take about a week.

                   Step 4      Starting Trials

                          You can access this Call Center for your trials. We will offer you free minutes to do the same.

                   Step 5      Activating your Call Center

                          Once the trials are complete, you NEED to purchase the Prepaid Minutes as chosen in Step 1. On the receipt

                          of you payment, we will immediately activate you Call Center.

                           Your Customers can start calling on +91 80 4119 7500 and use the extension allotted to you.